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Sunday, March 20, 2016

How They Play

Show premise:
We know that sports makes the world go around: it draws in people from all beliefs and unites communities rich and poor.

Most of us are familiar with the national sports played in the U.S., but what are people playing in the urban and rural communities that haven’t hit the mainstream?
The dominating sport around the world is soccer, but what about the native games?
Drop us off anywhere in the country...anywhere in the world, and we’ll show you “How They Play.”
- Think Brazilians only crave futbol, discover footvolley on the beaches of Rio.
- In the big city of Atlanta they have skeeball leagues that lead to a Super Bowl with trophies and prizes, while in the countryland of North Carolina they have lawn mower races every Saturday in the summer.
Host Dayvee Sutton talks to the people, learns the history and plays their game.

*sizzle reel

Where to watch:
“How They Play” is currently available to green-light. Can be produced as a 30 min or hour show. 12 episodes a season.
Produced by DN Media.

Contact us for more information on this project.

After Work

Show Premise:

We know what they do on the field and on the court, but how do our favorite athletes like to spend their free time?

“After Work” spends the day with athletes to get to know their off-the-field passions.

What it is:
"After Work"is a segment hosted by sports entertainment host Dayvee Sutton. Each week she spends time with a professional athlete as fun, entertaining and sometimes weird and uncomfortable scenarios reveal themselves while exploring the extracurricular activities the players enjoy when not playing ball.

coming soon

*sizzle reel

Where to watch:
“After Work” is currently available to green-light. Can be produced as a full 15 minute or 1/2 hour show or a 2-5 minute segment.  Produced by DN Media.

Contact us for more information on this project.

What to Watch at the Movies

Show premise:

“What to Watch at the Movies” gets straight to the point and tell you what’s new and watchable in theaters this weekend. Each week host Dayvee Sutton brings you sneak peak movie clips, celebrity interviews and behind the scene set visits on your favorite lifestyle program.

About the segment:

This syndicated segment is about 2 minutes and feeds out each week on Thursday. Produced out of our Atlanta studios there are several elements that will be packaged in the segment.

  • "top three" ranked weekly releases
  • preview video and production info
  • celebrity interviews
  • behind the scenes and on-location
  • latest DVD releases

This segment is available for license for your feed or network service. It's currently in production. For more information on how to add this content to your program or network please CONTACT US.


Sizzle reel:

Want more?

Not every blockbuster at the movie theater is worth your money!
Entertainment journalist Dayvee Sutton literally watches every single film released in theaters and reports back “What to Watch at the Movies.” But on her Youtube channel, she get's a little more whimsical and in depth as she tells you the good, bad and everything in between. This is also the place where you can check out extended celebrity interviews and more. Check it out below!

How Sports Saved My Life

How Sports Saved My Life


Show Premise:
The power of sports can be demonstrated through the testimony of the millions who not only watch it, but play it. And for those who come from unfortunate situations, sports is often their way out. It’s a getaway from the pain and sometimes danger at home, while playing on a team builds self-confidence and brotherhood.
This series allows athletes from all sports and all skill levels share how sports has saved their lives.

Why this:
Sometimes it doesn’t matter that a player who normally averages 12 points a game, suddenly put up 35. To us it matters more the reason WHY he did it! In this short-series documentary, we will explore what has driven some athletes to be super stars, while discovering some unbelievable circumstances others had to survive. These stories will feature both well known celebrity players, as well as, regular people who have used sports as their way out.

Where to Watch:
The first edition of “HOW SPORTS SAVED MY LIFE” is currently in production as a documentary - “The Andrew Lovedale Story.” After the completion and distribution of the Lovedale piece, the series will be available to green-light for broadcast and/or online media. Produced by DN Media.

To learn more about how you can support the “The Andrew Lovedale Story”, contact us.

View the trailer for the documentary here: 

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