Sunday, March 20, 2016

What to Watch at the Movies

Show premise:

“What to Watch at the Movies” gets straight to the point and tell you what’s new and watchable in theaters this weekend. Each week host Dayvee Sutton brings you sneak peak movie clips, celebrity interviews and behind the scene set visits on your favorite lifestyle program.

About the segment:

This syndicated segment is about 2 minutes and feeds out each week on Thursday. Produced out of our Atlanta studios there are several elements that will be packaged in the segment.

  • "top three" ranked weekly releases
  • preview video and production info
  • celebrity interviews
  • behind the scenes and on-location
  • latest DVD releases

'What to Watch at the Movies' is currently in production and has distribution on several nationally syndicated talk shows, airport screens and feed services. It is available for license for your feed or network service. For more information on how to add this content to your program or network please


Sizzle reel:

Want more?
Not every blockbuster at the movie theater is worth your money!
Entertainment journalist Dayvee Sutton literally watches every single film released in theaters and reports back “What to Watch at the Movies.” But on her Youtube channel, she get's a little more whimsical and in depth as she tells you the good, bad and everything in between. This is also the place where you can check out extended celebrity interviews and more. Check it out below!


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