Friday, May 5, 2017

Georgia Tourism: Road Trip Georgia

In partnership with Explore Georgia/Georgia Tourism Authority

Show Premise:

National travel correspondent Dayvee Sutton explores North Georgia’s small towns in this six (6) video series. She takes you on the journey to inspire you to stop at some of the places you’ll usually may just pass through.

DN Media specializes in telling travel stories and works with destinations and travel companies to create experiential video content that gives viewers an up close look at what they have to offer. Contact us to learn more or to see more examples featuring other destinations.

See more of the series on The Daily Affair.

  1. Unusual roadside attractions
  2. Toccoa
  3. Three small towns in GA (Habersham County)
  4. Tallulah Falls Gorge
  5. Blue Ridge
  6. Mercier Orchards

Where to watch:

"Road Trip Georgia" is currently streaming on Explore Georgia's website, youtube and social media channels. Produced by DN Media.
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