Monday, October 1, 2018

Travel Better with Dayvee

Travel tips and tricks that will save you money and help you get you the most out of vacation experiences

Show Premise:
Everyone loves to travel. But, travel can be expensive. National Emmy award winning journalist Dayvee Sutton teaches your viewers how they can save money and get the most out their vacation experiences.

What it is:
"Travel Better with Dayvee" is weekly syndicated franchise segment available for news and lifestyle programs.

Themes include budget travel, getting more, experience more, flight and hotel booking hacks, healthy travel, packing tips, airport tips, award travel and points, adventure and excursions, and more.

The engaging segments are done in studio and on location, with occasional guest appearances from some of Dayvee's celebrity and social media influencer friends.

Participating stations will have access to our editorial calendar to plan out segments on a monthly basis; but all segments are evergreen, including holiday themed pieces.

Take a look at our demo segments:

Breaking News?
Not all travel content is fun. Sometimes travel leads the news headlines. Our affiliate shows have access to Dayvee Sutton to report live on your program from anywhere around the world. 

Why Travel?
Travel is more important to millennials (age 25-40) than buying a home or paying off debt, research shows. Direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $683.1 billion in 2017. And African Americans spend $63-billion a year in travel. If your key demographic is 25- to 54-year-olds, then this is what our research is showing: Travel video should be a big part of your content strategy!

Unprecedented, Nationally Recognized, Locally Embraced

With a charismatic veteran host, Dayvee Sutton is the only national travel correspondent who is black. She is called upon each month on national programs like Dr. Oz, NBC's TODAY Show, The Weather Channel, CNN, and more. Her career as a broadcast journalist is proven to connect with audiences both on-air and online.

Information for TV Affiliates

If you would like more information about adding the "Travel Better with Dayvee" segment to your news programming, please contact us.


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