Creative Serivces

Our creative services division works with brands and destinations to create vivid and emotional images and timeless content that connects your audience to your message in a meaningful way. 

We're passionate about video storytelling!


  • Premium Documentary production
  • TV & Digital Program Idea Creation and Consulting
  • Brand Storytelling
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TV segments:

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Content Partnerships

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Partnership Opportunities

Blog posts and articles:

Dayvee Sutton is a special contributor to NBC News and The Root, in addition to running her popular blog "The Daily Affair." Inquire about how you can have your brand included in these publications, or hire her to write something special for you!

Mini Movies:

More than a montage or commercial, we shoot the lifestyle and emotion of your brand or destination. We feature your brand in a unique setting that connects to your audience. The best thing about this service is the turnaround. We can produce your 2-minute feature as soon as four hours after a shoot! That keeps your brand an edge above the rest in this content hungry digital space.
There’s several packages to choose from. Rates start at $500

  • Basic video with graphics and music  

Oka-B Spring Collection campaign

      Bali's Temples campaign

    • Video with graphics, music and voiceover - Escape to Greece campaign 

    • Video with sound bite or interview - New Georgia Project's Hackathon

    • Video with host - Kaua'i Marriott Campaign

    • Hotel tour- The Landing Resort

    Destination films:

    Interactive films:

    Give your brand or destination an edge by allowing your audience to engage with you. In addition to giving them a “WOW” moment, this technology will keep viewers on your website 75% longer than normal video and photos.
    There’s several options to choose from. Rates start at just $1000
    • Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) 
    We take your customer on a journey. Shot in our award winning lifestyle format, we create several videos and link them together allowing your viewer to decide which product, service or destination they’d like to experience.

      • 360° video/virtual reality
      This is the latest technology in video creation that will truly impress your clientele. Embed an interactive video directly to your website and have your customer engage directly with the experience presented. No special equipment needed. You can share via Youtube and Facebook. You aren’t required to purchase special hosting (like some other competitors require) and you own all the rights to the video.   

        • We also offer 360° still photos that you can embed directly onto your website or Facebook.  

        Social Media Campaigns:

        We offer something impressively unique to accounts we take over. Think of “Your Brand in the Sand” in the best possible way. We specialize in taking your brand all over the world. We shoot lifestyle photos and video and post directly to your account.

        About our influence:


        Our popular lifestyle website, The Daily Affair, averages 56,000+ monthly visitors and 100,000+ page views each month, with great engagement on social media.

        Daily Affair

        Dayvee Sutton

        Examples of recent campaigns:

        • Facebook live takeover

        • Ice Wine tasting at Léon Courville

        • Brand collaborations for lifestyle feature

        • Social media movies

        Live streaming services 

        We offer live streaming services for your event, meeting or project. 360° is also available. We can help you live stream directly through your website, Facebook and Youtube.

        Live event coverage
        We cover everything from the Super Bowl to music festivals to local launches. Our approach to events is strategic and efficient. Our wrap videos are so entertaining and summarize the occasion making it look like the best party that you were glad to attend.
        Most of our coverage is distributed for specific clients/networks. But, you can check out other a-la-carte samples on The Daily Affair.

        Social Media Buzz

        We no longer offer website building or social media management services. However, please contact us for direct referrals to our favorite companies with a VIP discount offer.

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