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Storytelling content partnerships with these outlets.

DN Media produces character driven documentaries, looking at the subjects from eye-level, instead of down at them. Each story is told by two-time Emmy Award winning journalist Dayvee Sutton. Dayvee's degree in World Religions has academically collided with her work in travel, lifestyle, culture and race. These stories give a microphone and open eyes to the pint of views from voices that aren't normally heard.


"What we told our Sons" is a film that features four families from the southern United States. After the Trayvon Martin case, pundits, community leaders, newspersons and event President Obama- people of authority - all shared their reactions. But the case impacted everyone and this film is dialogue of how regular families were affected. A conversation with mothers, fathers and their sons.
Film was released in March 2015. Click here to watch the trailer , visit

    "How Sports Saved My Life: The Andrew Lovedale Story" follows the journey of one teammate from the 2008 Davidson College Basketball team. While Stephen Curry became a super star, Lovedale also followed his destiny from "grass to grace."
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    "Race City" documents the stories of people who have moved to the Charlotte, NC area just to be a part of motorsports. Imagine if 90% of the NFL, NBA, and MLB teams were based in one city? That's what this sport brings to the North Carolina's economy - 6-billion dollars a year worth! And it's like when people move to Hollywood for acting, except they're moving to North Carolina for NASCAR.
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    Project named "American Indian" is a series of first hand accounts and a discussion about the most vivid and most profitable racial slur in America: Washington's NFL team.
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