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Here's a sneak peak at some of our projects in the works.

The projects listed below are available to green-light. If you are interested in helping DN Media bring these projects to life, please use our contact form at the bottom of the page.

“After Work” spends the day with athletes while they are busy with their off-the-field passions.
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"How They Play" takes you around the country and around the world to learn the history, explore and participate in local and native games. It's a travel show like you've never seen before.
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"How Sports Saved My Life" is a series that
allows athletes from all sports and all skill levels share how sports has saved their lives.
*This project is available to green-light with restrictions. Click here to learn more about this project.

    “Black Classic Movies” is a weekly show that introduces you to some of the finest works of American Black Cinema. Think “The Essentials” from Turner Classic Movies, where we feature a movie, and discuss it’s place in film history. The hosts talks about the legacies, the actors, the memories, framed with a special introduction and post-movie discussion.

      Your town is a foodie’s paradise: from classic and historical restaurants, to new and trendy food spots. “A Foodie in My Town” gives you a look inside, out and behind the kitchen. We talk to the chefs, the staff, eat the food and sit at the tables.

      Not every blockbuster at the movie theater is worth your money!
      This movie ranking show breaks down the weekly releases, telling you the good and the bad, and who should watch.
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      To see other movie reviews and previews, they are curated on The Daily Affair.


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