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Dayvee Sutton is a national lifestyle and travel correspondent, host and expert.
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You can host Dayvee Sutton for a familiarization experience for future editorial inclusion in her round-ups and segments.

Paid Segments

Or you can partner for branded segment, and let Dayvee's award winning presentation take "your brand to the sand".
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Content created just for you

Need video for social media? Have a digital or TV series idea? Combine the quality you get from professional marketing firm and the impact of influencer strategy by letting us produce video content specifically for your platforms. Plus, we have a distribution partners! So, we can make sure your content is seen.
Our Creative Services team offer a range of video storytelling options that can adapt to your marketing needs. 
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Media Tours
Consider Dayvee's charismatic presentation when you are looking for a presenter for your satellite, radio and in-studio media tours. Dayvee's 20 years as a broadcast professional makes her stand out from your average influencer and keeps her getting booked by television producers across the country.
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Live Events
When taking your show on the road, consider Dayvee to represent your brand on the big stage or the booth. She's a natural people person, and it's always fun to have a national TV personality as a draw!


Call me, beep me, when you wanna reach me... A few brands like to treat Dayvee like Kim Possible. You can choose the retainer method where she delivers a certain amount of media mentions and other content each month, or on-demand. Just pay her when you use her. Have a big media interview, Dayvee can step in as your well-versed spokesperson.

Extraordinary Experiences

"Extraordinary Experiences" is our dynamic branded travel video series featured on the popular lifestyle website, The Daily Affair and also syndicated through our distribution partners at AOL, Yahoo! and MSN. Your brand can partner as a title sponsor for an episode in this series.
Check out the series Extraordinary Experiences 
Check out the Case Study for a recent campaign Extraordinary Experiences Case Study

The Daily Affair

The Daily Affair | a lifestyle & travel tips Guide
The Daily Affair is a lifestyle and travel website founded by Dayvee Sutton in 2006. She inspire's people to live the life of their dreams through tips, reviews and experiences. The Daily Affair reaches 50k+ PVM to women 25-54. 
There are many ways to partner with The Daily Affair:
*website ad space
*sponsored posts
*sponsored posts with video

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Other Editorial

Dayvee is also a special contributor to:
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These are strictly editorial opportunities. If any of these outlets are a part of your strategy, let's talk about how we can create an opportunity to feature your brand or destination.

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