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Together we are better
We produce interactive and fun lifestyle and travel segments for National and local talk and morning shows.
For your brand we can produce a round-up or featured segment.
Our segments are presented by the charismatic, two-time Emmy Award winning journalist Dayvee Sutton.


Dayvee's presentations are impactful and memorable, which is transferred from the TV to the call-to-action that works best to encourage sales.
Most of the time that is on social media, which is evidenced by requests for more information in Dayvee's inbox, each time a new segment air.

Dayvee appears on 4-6 national programs each month, and we have relationships with some of the top morning and lifestyle shows in the major markets - New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and more. If you want to plan a media tour, we can map out a strategy that will help you have the biggest impact for your campaign.

Past Integrated Products and Services

Interested in a digital strategy?
Consider sponsored integrated content on our popular lifestyle and travel website The Daily Affair. Your goal is to get as many people to engage with your brand, and our sponsored series offers our magic combination: Influencer marketing (host Dayvee Sutton), Digital video content, Syndication to top online publishers and (optional add-on) National television appearance.
Digital content also evergreen. So, we produce a product that can be discovered online anytime people search. Each time that happens, your brand is attached and reaches a new potential consumer! 

Check out this recent campaign:

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