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Television is our native language. With the evolution of digital media, we've made sure to stay on the edge of how people consume content.

We're pros at creating content for ALL screens. Here's some of our successful projects.

"Beyond the Usual"- Tales & Adventures from a passport collecting global citizen
This exciting new travel show will take you to experiences that you've always dreamed of. If you’re interested in being inspired, entertained, and motivated to jump into the world and take all prisoners, charismatic host Dayvee Sutton invites viewers to join her adventures both domestically and abroad. Her motto is “My job is to inspire you to go!”
Currently in production. Launch TBD in 2016.
Click here to view pilot episodes.

Extraordinary experiences is the dynamic branded travel video series that features awesome travel brand partners on adventures to unforgettable destinations and "bucket list" activities. The series is hosted on The Daily Affair where Dayvee Sutton guides you through these experiences while introducing the audience to practical uses for products that brand partners want to feature to this targeted audience.
Currently in production. 
Click here to view segments.

"Conversations with Regular Folk" is a web series of interviews with celebrities, athletes and other people of note hosted by Dayvee Sutton. Season one (11 episodes)features Rain Pryor, Bubba Wallace, Issa Rae, Thomas Davis, and more.
Currently in production. 
Click here for more information about this project.
Launch TBD in 2017.



Working title for this project is "What You didn't Know About..." Video story about the players hobbies and/or post-play aspirations.
Pilot production for a NBA campaign for 2015. 

Click here to see clips of a similar web series produced for The Shadow League (funded by ESPN.)
Click here to see a package hosted by Dayvee Sutton with the Charlotte Bobcats, that inspired the series.

"NBA FrontPage" was the first full production from DN Media. The web series/podcast ran weekly from October 2008 through April 2012 and was an internet sensation. The popular video spawned the website.
The series ended with 113 episodes and was available via RSS feed and on itunes.
You can watch all archived episodes here.


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