WTWATM- History

The story of our franchise segment.

What to Watch at the Movies
was birthed as Dayvee Sutton got her chance to go to movie junkets when she was the entertainment reporter for NBC Charlotte. It was a whole new world as she went to L.A. each month to screen films, interview the actors and report on the upcoming movies.
Here's a look at her sizzle reel from that time in local television.

As Dayvee got more involved in the film review world, she started going to all of the screenings in town -seeing two, to three movies each week. Even hosting "Girl's Night Out" screenings in partnership Studio Movie Grill.

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In addition to her work on TV, she started writing film reviews for Yahoo! and AOL, and making quirky little video reviews on Youtube.
*watch these old videos by clicking the photo

Finally, in 2015, Dayvee worked in collaboration with the producers of the nationally syndicated talk show "Coffee with America" to create the franchise "What to Watch at the Movies".

Dayvee and team produced the pilot episodes, which aired on the shows, but that was the same time that her travel host and correspondent work began to take off. So, the segment was put on hiatus until 2018.

*watch the pilot episodes below

Now with a new team, a new set, the franchise is back. You want watch the syndicated segments each week on a local program or check our Facebook page.


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